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About Pragadesh Mani

I am passionate about designing digital experiences that are both visually stunning and intuitive, and always strive to create designs that delight clients and engage users.

At Cognizant, Pragadesh has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and delivered high-quality design solutions for numerous clients

In this current role, Pragadesh has worked on various types of project where he performed the below:

  • Analyze requirements and provide design strategies based on these requirements

  • Estimate Effort & derive project timeline

  • Assign task and coordinate with design & development team

  • Formulate and present design strategies

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

Deloitte_Infographic_ABC ltd_Output.jpg


Created the above infographics for Project Discovery a program to enhance business process and announce the features that can demonstrate the latest SAP technology S4HANA across the ABC company.

Mailer Design.png

Mailer Creation

Created Mailers, both editable and non-editable mailers for different clients for specific programs and announcements.

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Info Animation Video

Created Infographic animation video for explicating the Business Operations and its function.

Program Based Designs - Cyber Security

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